Friday, April 21, 2017

10K day: eleventy billion steps of doom

If you've never trained for a long distance race before, you may not know that you have a training schedule to follow. You can't just automatically run a 10K, a half marathon, or a full marathon. I mean, you COULD, but you'd definitely get injured along the way, unless you're incredibly lucky. I started training for this half marathon in January by rebuilding my running base. To successfully finish a half marathon, it is recommended that you be able to run 3 miles; I was there, so I was all in! 

I'll get into it another time but I ended up with an injury after running for about 3 weeks and spent a month off. I'm feeling the stress of being behind in my training plan, which was originally 12 weeks. It shrunk down to 8 weeks, and I am in the final 3 weeks now. This weekend, I was scheduled to run at least 6 miles for my long run. I track my runs on the Nike+ app, and I went back to see if I had run 6 miles recently...I hadn't. I only figured out when I last ran 6 miles by getting out my marathon training book from college and reading the entries from that plan. I ran 6 miles back in 2009 when I was training for a half marathon. Holy hell. That was EIGHT years and probably at least 40 lbs ago. 

So, to say I was nervous about this long run was . It kept me up until 2 am, which messed up my early run schedule. I woke up, had to fuel with at least 200-300 calories and hydrate, and give that all time to start digesting and settling before I could start. That meant I didn't get out to run until about 12:30 pm. And it. was. hot. It's not even summertime hot yet here, but it's hot and humid enough to remind me why I don't run when there is sunlight. 

And now, I bring you, Kat's thoughts while running 6.2 miles in 79 degree weather with 60% humidity:

Mile 1: Woohoo, it's already 1 mile and I'm feeling pretty good! I just have to run 5 more of these. I've totally got this. It's windy too, so that's nice. 

Mile 2: Ugh, okay it's hot. My phone is in my back zipper pocket and I don't want to get it out to see what my time is...oh! I'm at 28 minutes for 2 miles. That's not too bad considering I'm running slower than race pace AND walking. Ok. I can still do, stop and stretch the calves and outsides of my lower legs/ankles. 

Mile 2.38: How is it not 3 miles yet? I'm so thirsty. My Hydrate drink is by the garage why in the world didn't I bring it with me omg I need to get a new Fuel Belt or figure out how to stash water along my route I wonder if I could call or text a friend to come bring me water why is it so hot and it's only 79 degrees?!

Mile 3: Praise sweet baby Jesus I made it back home and I get to drink my Hydrate. It tastes like heaven. Maybe I should take a bathroom break while I'm here? *Garage door code pad doesn't work* WHAAAAAAT?! How will I get back inside? Should I break a window? No. SOS! I'll text the neighbors and see if they can help...while I'm waiting, I might as well finish my other 3 miles. You can do it. You can do it!

Mile 3.5: Why am I not at 4 miles yet? And why did I decide coming to the park to run this second half was a good plan? There are people EVERYWHERE. Move. I know you want to hide eggs for your kids but I'm on a mission here. One that needs to end. Soon. I wonder if they will notice if I grab an egg?

Mile 4: This trail seems to make me feel better. But there's mud and I'm getting....AHHH man on a bike! This trail is definitely not made for more than one person at a time. Time for a walk break. Never mind! Mosquitos swarming! Of course I forgot to put on mosquito spray before the run. Of course.

Mile 4.75: I hate mile 4. I do not enjoy this. Nope. NOPE! But I only have a little more to go. Ok. I'll just loop back around the park to the bridge and then I should almost be at 6.2. 

Mile 5: Death. Dead. How are my legs moving? This is 15 minutes slower than I ran my race last week. Wermp. Let's walk again. Yes. Ok. That is a little better but ugh....How in the world am I going to do THIRTEEN MILES in 3 weeks? I must be crazy. Ohhh my jam is on! I have to run. Go. Move your legs faster...

Mile 5.9: How am I not doneeeeeee?? Are my legs actually moving? Oh geez, I'm running a 13:54 pace. Does that even count as running? Just go to the bridge and I'm sure the app will say I'm done. Almost....there...

Mile 6.2: ------------------------

That was the hardest thing I have done in years. Period. Probably didn't help that I didn't sleep well, I didn't take water with me, and I ran in the middle of the day. But I did it. I am scheduled to run 8 miles this weekend and I'm pretty nervous. I have got to break through the 4 mile barrier because that's when I usually start losing it. 

I recovered with a lot of stretching, Shakeology + BCAA's + L-Glutamine, a banana, an ice bath, and my Zensah compression sleeves. I am sore today esp in my Achilles' but I don't feel terrible, so that's good! More running this week...just about 2 weeks to go until 13.1! Eeek!


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  1. Thank you for reminding me why I don't run!

    Ps you crack me up, I love you and miss you!